This project was a centrally planned space that would serve as a meeting/lecture hall for students. The program called for 120 seats, fixed or movable, a stage, a preparation room, storage, toilet rooms, and a projection room. The site location was nestled between the University of Buffalo's School of Architecture and Planning's Hayes Hall and Crosby Hall.


The design concept was derived from two intersecting spherical wedges. This was translated into a structure of two steel arches held in place by stayed cables. These cables run between the arches, to a concrete compression ring. This keeps the arches from rotating and swaying. Both arches are hinged and pivot at each end.


Below the arches and cables is a glass roof to allow daylight when needed and are shaded with louvers allowing controlled daylight.  These louvered shading devices rotate to adjust to the desired lighting levels and with the changes in the sun's angle.



Client: SUNY Buffalo School of Architecture


Category: Higher Education

Completion Date: 2005 - Unrealized

Location: Buffalo, NY

Project Size: 179,000 SF


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