This project consisted of five separate renovations to an existing two-story home, including the addition of a carriage house on the site.  An addition was added to the existing kitchen expanding it outward to create a breakfast area.  This new space had a window nook for reading and coffee.  Above this space, in the attic, a new heating system was located with direct access to the outdoors for ventilation and ease of maintenance.  In addition, a new powder room was added.


The master bedroom was expanded with a small sun room.  This had windows on three sides for maximum daylight and  it had a barrel vaulted roof and ceiling.  A new entertainment room and laundry room was built above the existing living room.  This addition punched through the existing gabled roof and had a barrel vaulted roof over it.

The Crane Residence


Client: Mr. & Mrs. Russel Crane

Category: Residential Renovation

Completion Date: 2014

Location: Indiana, PA

Project Size: 2,000 SF


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